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Conspici Compliance Services provides advice and practical help to a wide variety of organisations to improve their competitiveness, enhance their profitability and give them the assurance that they are compliant with their legal and other obligations. This is achieved by implimenting and maintaining bespoke management systems which are capable of achieving internationally regonised standards. 


The style of Conspici's approach with customers is NOT "hit-and-run": we do not hand you a system / manual / documents which isn't tailor-made for your specific requirements and walk away leaving you clueless. Your success is our success and we want to build a good working relationship with you as a reputable service provider, to help you get the best of our wide-ranging experience of business practices so that your organisation has the right tools, the right culture and the right support/advice to improve your prospects.


Conspici expects its staff and associates to abide by its ethical principles


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For Businesses and Other Organisations...           

Improve your competitiveness, turnover and manage your business to the level of these international standards:


-ISO 9001 for Quality Assurance Management.

This is usually the first management standard that organisations go for as they move from striving to thriving in their business. It gives them a goal, a strategy, a methodology, tightens up their operations and gives them a framework to check their effectiveness and a way to ensure ongoing improvement of the business. Having accreditation shows that you're serious about the standard of your products or services and is also a sales tool. What organisation wouldn't want that?!

-ISO 14001 for Environmental Management

This standard tends to be used by business who either have experienced the benefits of ISO 9001 as a marketing tool for improved sales or have identified an inherent potential environmental impact within their processes or on site. Either way, the outcome is that your organisation has demonstrated that it cares not just about the customer but is mature enough to take into consideration social responsibilities. It shows that the leaders have great vision and care for the sustainability of the business site, its local neighbourhood and the planet and future generations. Plus, it keeps you on the right side of environmental law.

-OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety Management.

In terms of an insurance against potential litigation against the organisation and directly against senior managers, hefty fines, bad press, loss of business,  increased insurance....


For Schools and Colleges...                                                                                        

Health and Safety Management in Your Education Establishment


A complete set of bespoke health and safety documents including  policies, responsibilities, arrangements and procedures, risk assessments, inspections, in-house training, guidance and more - all focussed around your school's needs. 

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Good Business Practice for Schools

All schools are to become academies by 2022. Most accademies are likely to run on private sector business models. This presents a  paradigm shift to schools' top managers who may not have had experience of private sector business.

It's time to adapt! Learn the principles from us with face-to-face sessions on good business practice and how to get the best outcome for your school.

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ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 - They are all changing to new versions. Are You Ready?

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IEMA EMS Auditor Registration


Conspici offers third-party auditing by an IEMA registered audior.

Are You Wasting Energy in Your Processes?

Save money by getting your processes under control. By using the tools of an Energy Management System, you could save money.  Click here for more information.

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