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Conspici Ethical Priciples

Conspici staff and associates understand and observe the following ethical principles in the conduct of their work for Conspici customers:



The laws and regulations pertaining to Conspici and those pertaining to customers are followed. The terms of contracts undertaken with customers, suppliers and other interested parties are maintained.



 To the best of their ability, Conspici staff and associates provide truthful and accurate communications. Also, they are called upon by the company to provide clear, coherent, and accurate advice in striving to meet the needs of those who use Conspici’s services. They do not perform work outside their job scope during hours mandated and paid by clients, except with their permission; nor do they use customers’ facilities, equipment, or supplies without their approval.

When services are advertised it is done truthfully.



Staff and associates respect the confidentiality of Conspici clients and the clients’ interested parties. They only disclose business-sensitive information with their clients’ consent or when legally required to do so.



Conspici staff and associates endeavour to produce excellence in their work. They negotiate realistic agreements with clients and employers on schedules, costs and deliverables during project planning, then strive to fulfil obligations in a timely, responsible manner and to as standard that at least meets the expectations of the customer.



Staff and associates respect cultural variety and other aspects of diversity in Conspici’s staff and interested parties.  They serve the business interests of clients as long as they are consistent with the Conspici’s ethical principles. Whenever possible, they avoid conflicts of interest in fulfilling their professional responsibilities and activities. If they discern a conflict of interest, senior management at Conspici will disclose it to those concerned and obtain their approval before proceeding.



Staff and associates evaluate the compliance gaps and requirements of its customers constructively and tactfully, and seek definitive assessments of their own professional performance. They aim to increase value of services provided through their integrity and excellence in performing each task undertaken for customer. Conspici encourages staff and associates to undertake continuing professional development, particularly through courses and conferences.

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