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Improving Standards in your Organisation

  • Want to be more competitive?

  • Want to go for bigger customers having confidence in your organisation’s abilities?

  • Want those customers to have faith in your organisation?

The bigger your customers are, the more they will need to know your credentials as a business. Your success is their success, but equally your failure is theirs too and the business risk from suppliers and outsourced services is a hot topic for these customers.

They will want to know quickly and easily that your business is a good one – well organised with good, smooth systems of operation, good communication in your workforce, great leadership from management, a desire to continually improve yourselves – all contributing to the superb quality of product or service that you provide.

At Conspici, we know how big customers operate because we were the ones in such big companies asking the questions to suppliers. Having checked the financial stability of a prospective supplier, what is the question – the one question - asked by purchasers at big companies to suppliers that, when answered in the affirmative, will give them a sizeable boost in their trust to supply?

Simply: “Are you ISO 9001 compliant?”

The second question will probably be, “Do you have ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliance?”

When answered in the affirmative, this is music to the ears of the procurer. It makes their job a lot easier. Any deviation from this results in having to determine exactly how the supplier manages their affairs - chiefly, when it comes quality assurance, but the bigger the customer, the most is expected from their suppliers in terms of compliance.

It becomes a chore for the procurer to send out questionnaires, gathering evidence and even visiting the prospective supplier who has not attained compliance to these international standards.

Attainment of these three standards of excellence in the management of quality (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001) and health and safety performance (currently OHSAS 18001) in your organisation eases your route to market, gives your customers confidence in your products and services, is a warning hot to your competitors of your abilities, put pride in the work of your employees, gives all the workforce structured opportunities for improvement and gives top management confidence in the organisation’s ability to perform and- very importantly - to avoid risk. 

Conspici provides manufacturing businesses, service providers and other organisations with advice and guidance on a range of matters relating to health and safety, quality and the environment in the UK.
We aim to help our clients to improve their health and safety, quality and environmental credentials by giving professional service with a personal touch.
Part of that aim is to help clients by demystifying health and safety, quality and environmental management, so that they can gain confidence and ease their path to improving their status as a responsible, caring organisation.

Our Services

Conspici’s compliance consultancy services provide advice and practical support on:





  •  producing high value health and safety, environmental, quality  & energy management systems;
  • aiding you in understanding and meeting the requirements of health & safety, environmental, quality and energy standards such as BS OHSAS 18001 (soon to be ISO 45001), ISO14001, EMAS, ISO 9001 & ISO 16001;
  • easing your journey from the old versions of the standards to the new ones;
  • giving you peace of mind in the integrity of your management systems by auditing your health and safety / quality / environmental / energy performance. 
  • helping you to make energy savings;
  • keeping you abreast of health and safety and environmental legal requirements;
  • providing you with environmental and health & safety awareness training and other training related to environmental aspects and risk assessments;


  • meeting your needs in asbestos management and asbestos surveys by competent, experienced staff.

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You can send us an e-mail by going to the Contact Us web page. You can also contact us by phone on 07905 33845007905 338450.

ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 - They are all changing to new versions. Are You Ready?

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