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Meeting the Needs of  Schools and Colleges.

Conspici Compliance Services has spent several years working with educational establishments, developing a high quality occupational health and safety management system for schools and colleges.

As the company endeavours to continually improve its offering, Conspici has developed additional products and services.



Your Conspici service is comprised of:

  • Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare (OHSW) Manual, containing:
    A bespoke OHSW policy describing the scope and standards expected by the Head Teacher and the Board of Governors with regards to OHSW. It describes how the OHSW management system will be developed, maintained and improved, along with a clear delineation of where responsibility lies in the establishment for OHSW.
    Organisational responsibilities of appointed and delegated persons and employees with clear reference to the relevant legislation for specific responsibilities.


  • OHSW arrangements, which comprise of:
    The outline of the OHSW management system.
    Emergency planning, first aid and medication provisions - detail of procedures for emergency situations with easy reference to responsibilities and required documentation.
    School buildings and premises – depicting arrangements for security, asbestos, legionella and traffic risks onsite.
    Protecting people at school and on school visits – describing the protocol for off-site visits (includes governmental guidelines); violence, aggression and intimidating behaviour; Stress; Contractors; Lettings of facilities; Use of hazardous substances; Biological agents on site; Manual handling and lifting; Work at height; Lone working; Use of display screen equipment; Protection from UV radiation; Safe condition and use of school equipment.
  • Risk assessment forms which comprise of:
    Introduction to the legislation behind risk assessment; explanations of risks and hazards; Calculating risk; The significance of risk; Ways to control risk (hierarchy of control measures); Review of risk assessment.
    The risk assessments in standard format according to activity, role or potential incident, but including the relevant legislation for each defined hazard associated to the activity / role /incident.
    Development of a post-review risk assessment improvement plan.
  • Review of risk assessments and risk significance is performed annually.
  • Annual strategic review of risk – most contingency plans miss this stage out -an assessment of internal and external issues affecting the strategic direction of the OSHW management system and its intended outcomes. This review looks at the wider impacts to the school / college rather than just working to a procedure for crisis response.

    This may be extended to general business risk pertaining to the educational establishment.
  • An annual audit of strategic planning of the OHSW management system and creation of plans for improvement,
    Premier package includes a thorough review of OSHW operational documentation and records which will be signed off by the auditor if satisfactory.
  • Termly OHSW inspections of the site covering a review of compliance for all aspects of the risk assessments for the establishment, and a site inspection.
  • Upon request, Conspici will make for you high quality, thorough bespoke documentation for the operation of your OHSW system.

    The Importance of Health, Safety and Welfare in Your Educational Establishment
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