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Why Choose Outside Expertise When Starting Your EMS?

Moving Towards an Environmental Management System


Achieving, or working towards accreditation to an environmental standard, is a big task which takes both time and money. The time aspect depends on the several factors, which include the availability and aptitude of the staff assigned to put an EMS in place, the urgency of implementing the EMS and the availability of funds.
The possibilities are as follows:




Method of Implementation
Using “in-house” resource.
(appointed member of staff as
“environmental officer”)



Increased expenditure
is minimised.


No extra cost will
appear on the organisation’s accounts.


will be more “personalised” from a member of staff (more attuned to the culture
of the organisation).




The duration of the
task will take longer
than through third
party help. This counter-
balances the argument no extra resource cost being created.

Resource may be
taken away from core-business activities while working on the EMS.

 As a consequence,
there is a tendency to divert EMS resource to other, more pressing
tasks, resulting in the lengthening of
the EMS


Some tasks may be
beyond the ability of the
appointed person.


There is a large
risk of missing important
consideration due to lack of knowledge and / or


Money will be spent in training the appointed person
before they can properly begin the task.

Using an environmental
  with minimal input from the


The adviser will provide a quicker, more thorough production of the EMS.


There will be fewer mistakes or omissions.


All staff will continue to work on core-business


Much of the cost of outside expertise can be off-set by not having to appoint staff to be involved in all of the creation of the EMS.


An expert will be aware of the way accrediting bodies examine an organisation’s activities, products and services for standard compliance.







Extra cost appears on the accounts.


Some environmental organisations may provide a somewhat impersonal service,
or want to create the EMS in their own way, making the organisation feel distanced
from the process (be careful if /when choosing outside expertise).

Using an environmental adviser  with an appointed environmental officer.


The organisation benefits from the efficiency of the
 adviser and the “personal” input from the staff member.


The adviser can give direction, while the
time-consuming work is completed by the environmental officer. This would streamline


The advidser's visits ensure that the set work is completed at planned periods by the organisation and avoids procrastination of the task.


The ratio of input from the adviser can be adjusted
to suit the requirements of the organisation.


The environmental officer gets trained “on
the job”.




Some resource taken up in EMS implementation.


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