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Why Go Green?

The Need To Go Green

Companies of all sizes have found a growing need to take part in accreditation schemes for environmental standards such as ISO 14001 and EMAS. One of the main reasons for this is that their customers are asking them about their commitment to quality and the environment.
In fact, the bigger your customer is, the more likely it is that they will ask you these kinds of questions.
 There is a simple reason for this: the customers are most likely to be operating such schemes themselves. These schemes require the organisation to take responsibility for environmental and quality matters not only within the organisation but in its supply chain too. This results in the companies already complying to the standards asking their suppliers for their environmental and quality “credentials”. Also, these companies must make environmental and quality considerations when making a purchase from a supplier.

It is an obvious consequence that over time, suppliers – particularly suppliers to large customers – have an increased need to gain (or at least work towards) these standards in order to secure business.



Far from being an unnecessary chore, there are many positive benefits from creating an environmental management system. Large companies have seen their EMSs not as an additional cost, but as an opportunity to grow their business and to position themselves as active participants in corporate social responsibility*. With the right mind-set, an environmental management system can improve a company’s productivity, turnover and profit.

*Recommend reading: “From Green to Gold” by DC Esty and AS Winston.

Some benefits are list below:


A “License to Operate”

- eases the process for permits, consents and other authorisations

- provides assurance of compliance to legislation

- helps avoid enforcement, prosecution, even imprisonment




A Marketing Tool

- assures customers of the company’s commitment to responsible environmental management

- helps company to develop products & services with better environmental

- makes the company more competitive (increasing market share)

- opens the possibility of new market opportunities

- improves the company’s chances of dealing with large customers




A Way of Saving Money (!!!)

- focuses on improving efficiency of operations

- may produce ongoing savings in raw material, energy and waste
costs(decreasing overheads)

- protects company from liability costs (criminal proceedings, civil actions)

- insurance premiums may be reduced as a consequence of EMS




A Means to Improved Access to Finance

- helps satisfy investor criteria

- opens access to government funding




A Platform for Improving Public Image

- demonstrates the company’s commitment to responsible care

- reinforces good relations with the public / community

- improves staff perception of their company

- propagates a professional attitude within the company




An Expression of Ethical Responsibity


- contributes to the sustainability of future generations.


- helps to protect the local environment and the world at-large from environmental threats.

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